We Shoot the Rock Island Armory .22 TCM – 9mm

A Tale of Two Guns


We finally received our first Rock Island Armory Micro Mag 22 TCM – 9mm.  This full sized 1911 platform fires both the Armscor 22 TCM round and after changing out the barrel and recoil spring, a standard 9mm round.



The Armscor .22 TCM cartridge is based on the 9 mm Luger, necked down to accept .223 caliber bullets.  The cartridge was originally based on the shell from the 5.56x45mm case. Loaded with a 40-grain jacketed hollow point, this round can achieve velocities of over 2000 feet per second. The pistol has a 17 round capacity.

Of course we decided to take it out on the range for a test drive.

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